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Utti Jaeger Regiment’s main winter exercise to develop international joint operating capability

Utti Jaeger Regiment
Publication date 8.2.2024 12.00
Press release

The Utti Jaeger Regiment will lead the Northern Griffin 24 winter-conditions exercise in Northern Finland during 12 February – 15 March 2024. The Finnish Defence Forces’ helicopters will be part of the exercise.

At its different phases, the exercise will be participated by up to c. 900 personnel. Alongside the Finnish Defence Forces’ service personnel, reservists and conscripts, the exercise’s training audience will also include other agencies’ representatives and international allies and partners from the U.S.A. and Europe.

The objective of the exercise is to develop further the joint operating capability and interoperability of the Finnish Defence Forces’ special operations forces and SOF aviation with other agencies’ units and international partners in the cold and snowy conditions of Lapland.

Training exercise activity will take place at all hours in Northern Ostrobothnia as well as in the Region of Lapland in the area between Inarijärvi, Savukoski, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi, Kolari, Muonio, and Enontekiö. Soldiers will be on the move in the region mainly on skis and snow carrier ATVs and bivouac in the terrain in small fire teams.

The exercise will be participated by NH90 transport helicopters from the Utti Jaeger Regiment. Helicopter flight activity and blank drill ammunition may cause noise disturbance in the training exercise area.

The Finnish Defence Forces issued an administrative decision relating to the exercise concerning temporary use of areas for the Finnish Defence Forces’ military training activity. Reindeer herders have been notified of the exercise via the Reindeer Herders’ Association.

The exercise is part of the decided Finnish Defence Forces’ international training co-operation for 2024. 

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