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Finnish Defence Forces to procure more Finnish field radios

Publication date 22.11.2022 15.00
Press release

The Finnish Defence Forces will procure more Finnish field radios from Bittium Wireless Oy Ltd. The equipment will mainly involve handheld and vehicular radios as well as their related additional equipment.

The new software-defined field radios will gradually replace the analogous field radios. Part of the software-defined radio capability will be created through the programmable software technology and waveforms applied to be developed throughout the equipment’s life cycle. 

-    The procurement will support continuing the national development of SDR technology and fitting the radios as part of the Army M18 C5 system and of the Finnish Defence Forces’ radio equipment family. The procurement also ensures the field radio development progress, utilisability and adaptation in all services and in establishments subordinated to the Defence Command, Inspector of Signals, Colonel Antti Tunkkari from the Army Command says.

The procurement is a continuation of the procurement contract made in 2018 redeeming its provision for additional procurement.

The total value of the procurement, including VAT, is c. EUR 5,3 million with a domestic employment effect of c. 10 person-years. 

The supplying of the new field radios will start during the remainder of 2022.