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Rovajärvi, Rovaniemi

Noise information

Finnish Defence Forces will be exercising infantry weapons in Rovajärvi firing range 10 - 12 DECEM-BER 2020 at all times.

The exercise causes noise. Training area are 2, 4 and 6 is bordered: in south KT82, in west Vikajoki - Korkiakoski, in north Kokalmusniemi - Tuorekokkoselkä - Lapalionjärvi, in east from Latvamorkka - Kuivanojanvaara.

The exercise is carried out by Jaeger Brigade.

For more details, call 0299 455 121 before exercise and during the exercise call 0299 455 100 .

The map information for shootings notices is suggested information about where in Finland the shooting occurs. Please always check the exact area described in the text.