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Firings notice

Finnish Defence Forces will be firing Lapland Border Guard District will carry out shootings using infantry arms on Kerttuvaara shooting range in Inari municipality 02.10.2023 – 05.10.2023.

Restricted dangerous area: Shooting range - lake Saarineitämöjärvi - Sylvenvaara - lake Alimmainen Kerttujärvi – lake Kerttujärvi - northern point of Välivaara - lake Laanajärvi - northern point of lake Kurujärvi - northern point of Puukkovaara – Aitavaara - Mukanperävaarat - shooting range.

The firing is carried out by Lapland Border Guard District.

For more details, call Further information, phone 0295 425 378, during shootings phone 0295 425 340..

The map information for shootings notices is suggested information about where in Finland the shooting occurs. Please always check the exact area described in the text.