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Powerful squad from Finland for the military World Military Skiing Championship

Publication date 22.3.2023 12.00
Press release

The Military World Championships in ski sports will be held 27.3-1.4.2023 in Boden. More than 400 participants representing 23 different countries will participate in the competitions. Among the participants are several world champions and medalists in this year's cross-country and biathlon. The last time similar competitions were held was in 2019 in Austria.

Personnel from the Defence Forces and the Border Guard, as well as two conscripts, have been selected for the Finnish squad. The Finnish cross-country ski team includes Sergeant Ristomatti Hakola, who won the silver medal at the World Championships in Planica, as well as Junior Border Guard Markus Vuorela and Sergeant Remi Lindholm. The biathlon team includes Sergeant Tuomas Harjula and the Junior Border Guard Erika Jänkä. Striking ability is also present in the rest of the team, so expectations of success are high. Finnish representatives participate in pair sprints (Tue 28.3), biathlon and ski orienteering (Wed 29.3), cross-country skiing (Thu 30.3) and scouting (Fri 31.3).

Finlands squad:

                          Lieutenant Niko Husu (Guard Jaeger Regiment)
                          Lieutenant Juha Nurmi (Kainuu Brigade)
                          Sergeant Ristomatti Hakola (Guard Jaeger Regiment)
                          Sergeant Remi Lindholm (Kainuu Brigade)
                          Sergeant Tuomas Harjula (Kainuu Brigade)
                          Senior Border Guard Juho Friman (Kainuu Border Guard Section)
                          Junior Border Guard Markus Vuorela (Kainuu Border Guard Section)
                          Junior Border Guard Erika Jänkä (Kainuu Border Guard Section)
                          Corporal Ville-Valtteri Karvinen (Kainuu Brigade)                 
                          Corporal Wille Laitamäki (Kainuu Brigade).

Additional information about the competitions: World Military Skiing Championship 2023 - Swedish Armed Forces (

To the Editors:

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