The Finnish Defence Forces

Review of troops at the Seinäjoki Football Stadium at 12:00

Army 25.5.2018 10.24
Press release

The review of troops will be organised at the Seinäjoki Football Stadium, the OmaSP Stadium, at 12:00.

The troops will be aligning to position starting at 11:30, and therefore it is recommended that the public arrive there well on time.

Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg will review the troops, and Army Chief of Staff, Major General Markku Myllykangas will command the troops. The field devotional will be given by Field Bishop Pekka Särkiö.

With ‘the Finnish Defence Forces 100 Years’ as its theme, the parade will feature troops from all three Services, the National Defence University as well as veteran's and national defence organisations.




1   Swallow-tailed state flag
2   Jaeger Flag
3   The Navy Band
4   Male Choir Pohjan Miehet
5   Finnish Army Colour Party, Army Academy
6   Finnish Navy Colour Party, The Naval Academy
7   Finnish Air Force Colour Party, Satakunta Air Command
8   The National Defence University
9   Guard Jaeger Regiment
10    Pori Brigade
11  Armoured Brigade
12  Karelia Brigade
13  Kainuu Brigade
14  Utti Jaeger Regiment
15  The Nyland Brigade
16  Local Defence Company
17  The Peacekeepers Association's detachment
18  Soldiers' Home Association detachment
19  National Defence Training Association detachment
20  Women’s National Emergency Preparedness Association detachment
21  The Women's National Defence Union detachment
22  Veterans' mass standards
23  Massed Standards of National Defence Organisations