The Finnish Defence Forces

The Chiefs of Defence of Norway, Sweden and Finland visited the Cross Border Training exercise

Defence Command 7.3.2019 16.00
Press release

The Norwegian Chief of Defence, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen and the Swedish Chief of Defence, General Micael Bydén became acquainted with a Nordic air operations exercise in Finland 6-7 March 2019. The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg, hosted the visit.

The Finnish Air Force trains together with the Air Forces of Sweden and Norway in the framework of Cross Border Training (CBT) on an almost weekly basis. The planning and execution of the training is flexible, because the decisions concerning individual exercises are made by the countries’ Air Force squadrons in accordance with mutually agreed principles.

Practising formation training in the framework of Cross Border Training is a cost- effective way of organising training advantageous for all parties. The formations participating in CBT waves usually operate from their home bases and train together in the airspace of the participating countries. Joining forces brings the participants the benefits of large scale exercises, but without additional costs.

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