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Changes in Military Training and Leave Arrangements due to the Coronavirus

Defence Forces
13.3.2020 8.29 | Published in English on 13.3.2020 at 11.20
Press release

Due to the Coronavirus, the Finnish Defence Forces is making changes to the training and leave arrangements for conscripts and women in voluntary military service. There will be also be changes regarding refresher training exercises. The changes will come into effect on 13 March 2020.

Instead of Friday, weekend leave will begin on Saturday. The Defence Forces is instituting a phased system, where a third those completing their military service will be on leave for one week, followed by two weeks on duty in garrison. The decisions on leave schedules are taken by the brigade-level units (equiv.).

Contacts between the different groups in garrison will try to be minimised with planning the use of facilities and with movement coordination.  

The conscript training reorganisation will maintain readiness and ensure the Finnish Defence Forces’ ability to carry out its statutory tasks and carrying out critical duties during normal conditions. 

The purpose of the arrangements is to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus in garrison, and to reduce the conscripts’ risk of exposure. This also enables continuing conscript training.

Those completing military service will be informed separately on how this will affect their service.

Refresher training exercises are cancelled until further notice.  Defence Command Finland will give separate orders to restart the suspended training.

In addition to training reorganisation, the Defence Forces has secured its command arrangements, restricted duty travel and increased teleworking throughout the organisation. 

The changes are in effect until further notice.