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Finnish Defense Forces Is Testing Unmanned Aerial Systems

Defence Command
Publication date 1.7.2021 12.46
Press release

The Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) is testing and experimenting (T&E) unmanned aerial systems (UAS), starting from Autumn 2021. T&E is a part of building a knowledge base for FDF capability development. The T&E activities are planned to continue in the upcoming years.

The goal of the T&E is to support the Finnish Defense Forces’ capability development on a wider scope, including protective systems and troop training development. In addition, possibilities to use aerial systems within national inter-agency co-operation will be explored.  The planned T&E activities will also support FDF’s development of multinational compatibility and co-operation processes.

For example, tests fights will be performed by using a US manufactured MQ-9 Reaper system. Aircraft deployed in the tests will not land on Finnish soil.