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The Finnish Defence Forces

National Parade on the Finnish Independence Day in Mikkeli

Army 22.11.2018 12.15
Press release

This year’s National Independence Day Parade will be organised in Mikkeli. Culminating the centenary anniversary of the Finnish Defence Forces, the parade is themed as The Finnish Defence Forces - a Centenary of Readiness. In addition to the review of troops and pass-in-review, the venue will also offer a versatile equipment display of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The parade will be participated by troops from all three services, the National Defence University, the Finnish Border Guard as well as veterans’ and national defence organisations with the total attendance strength of approximately 900 persons.

The review of troops will be organised at Mikkeli Town Square at 12, and the troops will be aligning to position starting at 11:30.

The pass-in-review will be conducted along Maaherrankatu starting at 13. Apart from the marching dismounted detachments, the pass-in-review will be partaken by equipment of the Finnish Army readiness units, altogether 50 vehicles in total. The review site for the pass-in-review is located by the AVI Eastern Finland. The detachments marching on foot will start progressing at the phase line of Vuorikatu. It will be possible to observe the pass-in-review along Maaherrankatu.

The flypasts of the pass-in-review will include Finnish Army NH90 transport helicopters and Hughes MD500 light helicopters as well as Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet multirole fighters and Hawk jet trainers. The flypasts will cause noise in the area of Mikkeli town centre.

The parade will be reviewed by Commander of the Finnish Army Lieutenant General Petri Hulkko, accompanied by a representative of the Town of Mikkeli and a representative of the War Veterans. The field devotional will be given by the Finnish Army’s Senior Chaplain Vesa Aurén. The parade troops will be commanded by Army Chief of Staff Major General Markku Myllykangas. The parade arrangements are the responsibility of the Karelia Brigade.

Programme for the Day:

At 09:40 Ceremonial Wreath Laying at the Statue of General Headquarters at Mikkeli Town Square

At 09:30 - 15:00 Equipment Display on Raatihuoneenkatu

From 11:30 Alignment of troops to position for the review of troops at Mikkeli Town Square

At 12:00 Review of troops at Mikkeli Town Square

At 13:00 Pass-in-review along Maaherrankatu

The audience of the parade may also familiarise with the philately roll up exhibition on the hundred-year history of the three services by Association of Officer Philatelists as displayed on postage stamps available in the premises of the mall Stella shopping centre at 11-16.

The parade affects the overall traffic situation in Mikkeli

It is advisable to avoid using one’s own car in the area of Mikkeli town centre at the time of the parade events as some streets and areas will be completely reserved for the parade. Those looking to attend are asked to arrive in good time.

Preparations for the parade arrangements will begin already on 5 December at parade locations.

The main force of the parade troops will arrive in Mikkeli on 5 December. More specific information on the traffic arrangements will be provided on week 48. This information will also be posted online on the websites of the FDF and the town of Mikkeli.

Those looking to attend are reminded that airspace restrictions will apply above the entire area of Mikkeli town centre and drone aviation will be strictly forbidden for sustained safety with the exception of regulatory authority functions.

The public is invited to attend all the events.

You may also attend and observe the parade online on the FDF’s channels:

[email protected]


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