The Government Report on Defence Supports Development of Defence

16.2.2017 14.16 | Published in English on 20.2.2017 at 13.00
Press release

In order to develop the Finnish Defence Forces in the long term, parliamentary commitment to common goals is important. The Government Report on Defence 2017, which was now done for the first time, is an important document to the Finnish Defence Forces.

A separate Report on Defence makes it easier to look at defence in more detail. For example, the significant material acquisitions for the Navy and Air Force in the next decade, as well as the Army's acquisitions before that, require a will and strategy which carries over each Government's term in office.

Changes in the operating environment have raised the requirements for national defence and the Defence Forces has already reacted to that change by improving readiness. Up-to-date legislation and resources are vital operating requirements for defence.

The Chief of the Defence Command, Rear Admiral Kari Takanen emphasizes that,

- By implementing the policies mentioned in the report, Finland maintains a defence capability and readiness that meets the changes in the security environment. The tasks of the Defence Forces require a higher operational readiness in the operating environments of the Services and in the cyber domain as well as improved long-range effects capability.

The Defence Forces acknowledge the meaning of the resource guidelines in light of the central government finances. Implementing them retains Finland's credible defence capability into the next decade.