Finnish Defence Forces will participate in the centennial anniversary of Estonia’s independence

Defence Command 21.2.2018 10.00
Press release

In 2018, Estonia celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independence. Estonian Chief of Defence, General Riho Terras has invited the Finnish Defence Forces to participate in the Independence Day Parade of Estonia on 24 February 2018.

The Finnish Defence Forces will participate in the centennial parade of Estonia’s independence by honoring the occasion with the Swallow-Tailed State Flag and by posting a three-person strong flag guard comprising personnel from the Guard Jaeger Regiment.

Furthermore, the event will be attended by a K9 Thunder armoured howitzer in the Finnish colours of blue and white, although on this occasion its crew does not include Finnish soldiers. The presence of the armoured howitzer draws from the agreement between South Korea and Finland on presenting this vehicle also outside of Finland. Currently, Estonia is in the process of preparing for the K9 Thunder acquisition procurement.