Equipment display in Ratinanniemi starting at 09:00

Army 7.11.2019 13.06 | Published in English on 12.11.2019 at 10.58
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Kuva, jossa taistelupanssarivaunu kalustonäyttelyssä

Finnish Defence Forces’ equipment and gear will be on display for familiarisation in Ratinanniemi. In conjunction with the equipment display, the Soldiers’ Home Canteen will be available selling refreshments. In addition, the venue’s attractions include a Renault light tank from the Parola Armoured Vehicle Museum.

The equipment display will feature the following:

  • Armoured Howitzer K9 Thunder
  • Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A6
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-2M
  • Surface-to-air missile NASAMS ITO12 NASAMS II FIN launcher
  • De-Mining Tank Leopard 2R
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier XA-360
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier SISU XA-185
  • Field Gun 155 K 98
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle CV9030
  • Surface-to-air missile 15 (ITO15) Stinger RMP Block 1
  • Marksman GBAD Armoured Vehicle
  • XA-361 Armoured Mortar Vehicle
  • Tactical Patrol Vehicle RG32M
  • Heavy Rocket Launcher 298 RSRAKH 06 (M270)
  • Miniature Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS)
  • EOD Robot Teodor
  • Medium firefighting vehicle
  • Medium-Range Surveillance Radar KEVA 2010
  • Target drone Banshee
  • Target drone Snipe
  • Minehunter ROV-E (Seafox)
  • Anti-ship missile battery launch vehicle
  • Influence mine PM04
  • Finnish Bottom Mine PM16
  • Electromechanical Naval Mine S43–55
  • Electromechanical Naval Mine S58