Promotions on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces 2017

4.6.2017 3.40
Press release

On the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces, 4 June 2017, the President of the Republic has promoted Major General Eero Pyötsiä to Lieutenant General, Brigadier General Sampo Eskelinen to Major General, Major General Kim Jäämeri to Lieutenant General (as of 1 August 2017) and Colonels Pasi Jokinen and Jari Mikkonen to Brigadier General (as of 1 August 2017).

Lieutenant Colonels Kari Kaakinen and Petteri Kajanmaa of the Defence Command, Jukka Aihtia of the National Defence University, Jyrki Kaisanlahti of the Guard Jaeger Regiment and Henrik Elo of the Air Force Command have also been promoted. Commanders Pasi Rantakari, Jukkapekka Rautava and Arvi Tavaila of the Defence Command have been promoted to Captain (N).

In addition to these, the President of the Republic has promoted in total 945 Reserve Officers and Officer Specialists on the Flag Day of the Defence Forces, 4 June 2017. One person has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel; 39 to Major; three to Lieutenant Commander; 131 to Captain; ten to Lieutenant, Senior Grade; two to Captain (Med.); one to Lieutenant, Senior Grade (Tech.); 284 to First Lieutenant; 23 to Lieutenant in the Navy; five to First Lieutenant (Med.); two to First Lieutenant (Tech.); one to First Lieutenant (Eng.); 405 to Lieutenant; 28 to Lieutenant, Junior Grade; nine to Lieutenant (Med.) and one to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Med.).