UNMEM 1-19: Practical training in the UN Military Experts on Mission Course in Niinisalo

Puolustusvoimien kansainvälinen keskus FINCENT 22.3.2019 18.00
Press release

During the second week of the UNMEM course, the students participated in practical training in the simulated mission area. The basic knowledge of peacekeeping operations and theoretical information concerning the duties of observers gained last week will be put into practice in Niinisalo.

The aim of the practical training is to give the students an overall impression of a modern integrated United Nations peacekeeping operation, and what it is like to work in such an environment. During the practical training phase, the students stay in an area that resembles a UN patrol base. They experience lifelike situations and events in a simulated mission area.

Patrolling in a demilitarised zone between simulated parties in a conflict, the students focus on performing tasks as observers, liaison officers and advisers. They deepen their skills in patrolling, negotiation and mediation, reporting, cultural awareness, emergency first aid and helicopter reconnaissance.

The course participants and instructor from Norway

Negotiating and mediating skills are vital

Negotiating and mediating are vital skills when operating in a crisis area. The practical exercises have been constructed to evaluate how participants succeed in implementing the skills learned during the first course week. The most realistic situations are created with negotiations and meetings with different actors in various locations.

The use of the Kankaanpää town hall creates a unique atmosphere for the visit to the mayor’s office. The healthcare centre in Kankaanpää is also making their facilities available to FINCENT to enhance the learning experience.

The Course Director is very pleased with the students

"The students have been working hard and successfully in arduous conditions," comments the Course Director, LCDR Elena Ojala from FINCENT. "I am so proud of them!" she continues.

Course Director Ojala explains that behind the scenes almost 150 people join the training to enable the unique learning experience. She continues that big thanks are due to all these people for their excellent work.

The Course Director LCDR Elena Ojala

The role players, conscripts and local volunteers are essential to creating an experience like real life. Special thanks once again go to the Army Academy, Pori Brigade, Utti Jaeger Regiment, the Centre for Military Medicine, the Lapland Air Command, the Army Command and the town of Kankaanpää for their excellent support.