Peace Support Operations Cooperation Pilot Course conducted in Georgia

Puolustusvoimien kansainvälinen keskus FINCENT 26.2.2019 11.54

Nineteen Georgian students, representing military (14), civilian (3) and border guard police (2) personnel, participated in the Peace Support Operations Cooperation Pilot Course at the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) in Tbilisi, Georgia.

With FINCENT’s support, the Mobile Training Team (METT) for Georgia conducted the Peace Support Operations Cooperation Pilot Course (PSOCC) in Tbilisi between 4 and 8 February 2019. The Mobile Training Team included six instructors: four military, one civilian and one police expert. A five-day instructor preparation week took place before the actual course.

The objective of the Peace Support Operation Cooperation Pilot Course is to prepare military, police and civilian personnel for tactical cooperation, liaison and coordination tasks in Peace Support Operations Ied by the UN, NATO, the EU or the AU. The students developed and improved their skills, with an emphasis on cooperation, liaison and coordination, to equip them to work effectively in a comprehensive and integrated environment and enhance interoperability within the peace support community.