The Finnish military national defence is based on the civic duty of military service.

During your conscription, you will receive training that will help you to defend Finland efficiently. During their service, the conscripts are trained for wartime duties, as required by the Defence Forces organisation.

Regional Offices manage conscription issues

The regional office responsible for the area in which your home municipality is located is in charge of matters relating to conscripts, reservists and all people liable for military service. The Regional Office assists you and manages issues relating to you throughout your military service.

Military service matters of those living abroad

The regional office of a person living abroad is determined according to the municipality where that person is registered in the Finnish population register. According to legislation on home municipalities, a Finnish citizen permanently living abroad belongs to the municipality that previously was his last home municipality in Finland. If a person doesn't have a home municipality in Finland, the municipality is determined according to the home municipality or population register municipality of his mother, father or spouse - in that order. If the person's parents or spouse do not have a home municipality or population register municipality in Finland at the time, the population register municipality is Helsinki.

If you are unsure which regional office you belong to, you can ask at any regional office by sending them your full name and date of birth.

Questions about conscription?


Questions about conscription?

Regional offices will help you.
Conscript Guide


Conscript Guide

A guide for you who are preparing to carry out our military service.