Kosovo KFOR

Established in 1999, the NATO-led KFOR operation is tasked to prevent hostilities via its military presence and thereby ensure peace in a multiethnic Kosovo. The overall strength of the Finnish persons in the operation is 19 persons.

KFOR is in charge of the military sections contained in the UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99. It also supports the United Nations Interim Administration Mission on Kosovo, the EULEX Civilian Crisis Management Operation as well as other international organisations.

Finnish peacekeepers serving in KFOR form the Finnish Detachment in Kosovo. They serve as staff officers and liaison officers in the KFOR Headquarters in Pristina as well as in a Liaison and Monitoring Team (LMT) operating in the region of Drenas. The aim of the LMTs founded in 2004 is to maintain contact with the local authorities and to serve as links between KFOR and the local government, the UN and various aid organisations.

Finland has participated in KFOR since 1999. Altogether 7,300 Finns have served in the operation since then.

For additional information on KFOR, visit their website.