Lieutenant General the Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret’d) is founder of the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, a global partnership with the mission to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers. A celebrated advocate for human rights, especially in regards to child soldiers, veterans, and the prevention of mass atrocities,  Lt Gen Dallaire is also a respected government and UN advisor and former Canadian Senator.

Throughout his distinguished military career, Lt Gen Dallaire served in staff, training, and command positions through North America, Europe, and Africa, rising in rank from Army Cadet in 1960 to Lieutenant General in 1998.

Most notably, Lt Gen Dallaire was appointed Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda prior to and during the 1994 genocide.  Lt Gen Dallaire provided the United Nations with information about the planned massacre, which ultimately took more than 800,000 lives in less than 100 days; yet, permission to intervene was denied and the UN withdrew its peacekeeping forces. Lt Gen Dallaire, along with a small contingent of Ghanaian and Tunisian soldiers and military observers, disobeyed the command to withdraw and remained in Rwanda to fulfill their ethical obligation to protect those who sought refuge with the UN forces.

Lieutenant General Carlos H. Loitey was appointed as the United Nations Military Adviser and Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations in November 2016.

Born in 1957, Lt Gen Loitey was graduated from the Military Academy of Uruguay as an infantry Lieutenant in 1977. As a junior officer, he served in the 3rd, 9th and 14th Infantry Battalions as a platoon and company commander and as a free-fall paratrooper and jump master.

In 1993,  Lt Gen Loitey attended the Command and Staff Course at the Uruguayan Staff College in Montevideo and subsequently the Armed Forces War College, and he has extensive command and staff experience. As a Major he was Deputy Commander of the 14th Infantry Parachute Battalion in Toledo and, in 1999, as a Lieutenant Colonel he commanded the 15th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. As a Colonel, he commanded the 1st Infantry Brigade from 2006-2009, and as a Major General he commanded the 2nd Army Division which was stationed on the border with Argentina.

Lt Gen Loitey has served as Chief of Staff of the Uruguayan 5th Infantry Brigade, Chief of Staff of the 4th Infantry Division, Director of the National Peacekeeping School and Deputy Chief of the Army Staff. In 2012 Lieutenant General Loitey became Chief of the Army Staff and Director of the National Support System for Peacekeeping Operations. In 2015 he became the Mission Chief of the Uruguayan Armed Forces and Defense and Military Attaché to the United States, and Delegate to the Inter-American Defense Board in Washington DC.

Lieutenant General Loitey has extensive experience of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations having served in five Missions: on the Iran-Iraq border in 1989 (UNIIMOG); in Cambodia in 1993 (UNTAC); Rwanda in 1994 (UNAMIR); DR Congo in 2002 (MONUSCO); and Chad and CAR in 2009-2011 (MINURCAT).


Clare Hutchinson took office as the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security in January 2018. She is the high-level focal point on all aspects of NATO’s contribution to the Women, Peace and Security agenda, with the aim to facilitate coordination and consistency in NATO’s policies and activities and to take forward the implementation of the NATO/EAPC Policy and Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

Ms Hutchinson worked as a Senior Gender Adviser with the United Nations for over a decade. She has been instrumental in setting the strategic development of Women, Peace and Security for the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping in New York, Kosovo and Lebanon.

Born and educated in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Ms Hutchinson studied theatre and started her career in broadcasting and public relations, working in public radio and freelance reporting in Canada and the United Kingdom. She later obtained her Masters of International Relations and Masters of Research from Newcastle University. She moved to Canada in 1991 and is a Canadian citizen, residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ms Hutchinson has long been a champion for women’s issues, working with women’s groups for many years and supporting projects for women’s empowerment. She worked in the burgeoning ICT industry as a communications expert for internet start-ups and led projects that helped women and young people utilise technology.


Lieutenant General Esa Pulkkinen was assigned as Director General of the EU Military Staff (EUMS) in 2016. The EUMS is the source of EU's military expertise and responsible for early warning, situation assessment and strategic planning for EU military missions and operations.

In 2017, Lt Gen Pulkkinen also assumed responsibility as Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC). He delivers the functions of mission commander for the EU training missions in Mali, Central African Republic and Somalia.

Born in 1957, Lt Gen Pulkkinen joined the Finnish Armed Forces in 1977. He has served in a wide range of leadership positions. He has commanded the Sodankylä Jaeger Brigade, the northernmost army unit in EU. From 2011 to 2016 he served as Director General for Defence Policy in the Ministry of Defence of Finland. His current assignment is his third in EUMS as he was the Director of Operations in 2008-2010 and had his first EUMS assignment already in 2000-2003.