NORDEFCO Safety Officer Course

1. Concept and purpose of SAFOC

The NORDEFCO Safety Officer Course (SAFOC) is a new course. The SAFOC focus is on the Safety Management Process (OPP) including military in-service and occupational safety (MIOS) in multinational operations and exercises. The course is approved by Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO).

The aim of the course is to prepare students from Nordic countries to serve as a safety manager or officer within a tactical level (Bn/Bde or corresponding) headquarter or exercise control while applying the operational or exercise planning processes.

2. Learning outcomes

  • LO 1: Comprehend the nature of safety as a vital part of operational capabilities and its planning process in a joint multinational environment.
  • LO 2: Comprehend safety situational awareness as part of common operational picture.
  • LO 3: Comprehend the risk management process as an integrated part of operational planning and decision making processes.
  • LO 4: Understand the risk management system in order to apply safety measures to increase operational safety.
  • LO 5: Understand safety officer’s responsibility in to use risk management in supporting the commanding officer`s decision making process.

3. Student criteria

  • The primary training audience is identified as military officers (OF 2-3, OR 7-9) who will have or are appointed to positions in HQs on the tactical level. Civilian staff officer equivalents are also eligible for nomination.
  • Language proficiency: (Level 3) English in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001: Listening; Good (3), Speaking; Fair (2), Reading; Good (3), Writing; Fair (2). The evaluation of the language skill of the individual pupil is up to the sending nation.
  • Computer skills: Students must have basic (Level 2; Fair) computer skills in the Microsoft Office package.
  • Designated Pre-course Papers (or ADL) has to be completed prior to the start of the Course.
  • National Staff Experience.
  • Basic knowledge about military operations and staff work.
  • Basic knowledge of safety management.

4. Course Dates

SAFOC 7 – 11 December 2020 

5. Course Fee

No course fee

6. How to apply

Participation is by invitation only. Course seats have been allocated in advance between the NORDEFCO countries. Please, contact your own HQ and/or national POC for further information.