UNMEM course ongoing at FINCENT: female officers make up the majority of participants

Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT 17.8.2018 14.04
Press release

The United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course (UNMEM) started at FINCENT in Helsinki on 14 August. The objective of the three-week UNMEM course is to train military officers who will later be serving in UN peacekeeping operations as military observers, military liaison officers and military advisers.


The UNMEM course is based on a simulation of a real field mission with students arriving at the mission headquarters for check-in and receive induction training during the first week of the course. During the second week, the students deploy to sectors/team sites for continued induction training for newcomers.

Finally, during the third week, the students are deployed as military observers, military liaison officers and military advisers to their respective areas of responsibility to conduct various tasks in the final field exercise and have their newly acquired skills tested and evaluated.

First Aid basic level lesson ongoing

Mission: to increase the number on female officers in peace support

In 2016, the United Nations called on member states for support in providing more military observer training courses for female officers in order to increase the number of women involved in peace support. The aim is to increase the number of women in UN peace operations up to 15 percent. As the first UN peacekeeping training centre in the world, FINCENT is at the forefront of this mission and has organised a UN Military Experts on Mission Course where the majority of participants are female officers. This UNMEM course has 33 participants from 16 different nations, 23 of whom are female officers. The participation of such a large number of female officers is made possible by the United Nations member countries Australia, Canada, Finland and United Kingdom who have generously sponsored eleven female officers to join the course. All the course participants are expected to be deployed to a peacekeeping operation in the near future.

These UNMEM course participants from Jordan, Botswana and Mexicvo might meet again in a UN peacekeeping mission

International cooperation

The UNMEM course participants come from 16 different nations: Austria, Botswana, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Philippines, Rwanda, Sweden and Zambia. Most of them have previous experience from peace keeping operations.

UNMEM courses organized by FINCENT are a part of Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The training is provided by FINCENT’s NORDEFCO instructor pool comprising of officers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Additionally, during this course there are officers from Switzerland and Hungary.

A Swedish instructor and course participant from Mexico discussing about reporting