Peace Support Operations Cooperation Course 1/2018 ongoing at FINCENT

Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT 7.2.2018 17.17
Press release

Twenty-nine students representing three nationalities are participating in the Peace Support Operations Cooperation Course at the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre located in Helsinki, Finland.

Peace Support Operation Cooperation Course (PSOCC) 1/2018 started on Monday at FINCENT. This is a tailored Peace Support Operation Cooperation Course that will be integrated with the international VIKING 18 Exercises in April. The currently ongoing part of the course includes the normal PSOCC theory and tactical basic. The second part of the course that will be held in April includes practicing the training application that will be used in the exercise, and the last part will integrate PSOCC students with international VIKING 18 Computer Assisted Command Post Exercise, practicing liaising and human interaction skills. Hence the experience will be different from and more practical than the original PSOC course.

The objective of this course is to prepare military, police and civilian personnel for coordination, cooperation and liaison tasks, at a tactical level, in Peace Support Operations Ied by AU, EU, NATO or UN. The student from United Arab Emirates, Georgia and Finland will develop and improve skills with emphasis on coordination, cooperation and liaison in order to be able to work effectively in a multicultural environment and enhance interoperability within the peace support community.

The course is divided into three parts. First part is held 5 -8 February, second part takes place 11- 13 April, and third part 16-26 April.