"Learning Soft Skills in Peace Building" conference

Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT 26.6.2017 15.09
Press release

Gaming for Peace (GAP) Consortium has the pleasure to invite you to the "Learning Soft Skills in Peace Building" conference 19th of September. Conference is held in Laurea University of Applied Science, Espoo.

The objective of this conference is twofold: Firstly to present findings concerning training design and secondly to collect good practices from military, civilian and police training experts about training practices when preparing personnel for CPPB missions. Gaming for soft skills training is gaining ground given the capacity of gaming to support reflective learning, self-efficacy and reflection on performance.

Target audience: Experts working with training and education in peacebuilding from academia, policymaking and training institutes (civilian, police, military).

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The GAP project proposes that Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) personnel can experience scenarios through role-playing in their own organization and by role-playing people from other organizations, and in doing so, increase their understanding, creativity and ability to communicate and collaborate with the other organizations in the network organization that is a CPPB mission.

See more: http://gap-project.eu/