Comprehensive protection of civilias workshop

Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT 20.6.2018 17.43
Press release

FINCENT hosted the NATO and United Nations High Level Comprehensive Protection of Civilians course development workshop in Santahamina, Helsinki 17 -21 June 2018.


FINCENT together with Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) is developing a new course that will be piloted at the beginning of October 2018. During the workshop participants worked on course lessons plans and developed instructional materials as well as finalized work plan including responsibilities. Workshop participants were from different international organizations NATO Headquarter Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (NATO HQ SACT), Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE), Peace organisation PAX, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), PKSOI and FINCENT.

The aim of the UN and NATO Comprehensive Protection of Civilians High Level course is to develop, within civilian and military participants, a practical understanding of the role of the military as a supporting protection actor in operations. The course focuses on how to protect civilians from threats of physical violence by different "actors" including harm from own actions. The course also enhances the military’s understanding of how military options impact civilians and suggests how the military can support other protection actors in order to minimize the negative impacts of conflict on civilians. Other learning outcomes consider civilian vulnerabilities related to topics such as gender, children, youth and conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence. In addition the course will cover transnational threats from criminal activity, violent extremism and terrorism, and how they affect civilian populations in areas of operations.