Introduction to NATO Military Partnerships Course  (NATO IMPC)

1. Concept and Purpose of NATO IMPC

After successful completion of the course students are able to contribute to military partnerships in NATO in their role as a Partner Nation officer or NATO staff working with partnership programmes.

2. Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:
  • Recall the NATO organization
  • Explain Partnership Frameworks
  • Explain the interconnectivity of the NATO structure
  • List the main steps and products in the process sequences (who does what, at what level and at what time)
  • Explain the RLA, DLE and FLE processes
  • Explain what ITR is, and which nations it applies to
  • Contribute to processes and documentation
  • Contribute to the recommended list of activities (RLA, DLE and FLF Processes or Individual Tailored Road Maps (ITR)
  • Contribute to the planning processes
  • Demonstrate the importance and value of complying with NATO partnership frameworks and processes
  • Comply with MC D&G and MPD Management Guidance
  • Explain own role and responsibilities in the process

3. Student Criteria

To be eligible to attend the course, nominees must be:

  • Officers, NCOs or defence civilians of NATO working with partnership programmes
  • Officers or defence civilians from Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperative Initiative (ICI), and Partners across the Globe (PatG) countries working with NATO military partnership
  • OR8-OF6 or civilian equivalent

Introduction to NATO ADL course or equivalent assigned material is a pre-requisite. Participants will have the opportunity to take the ADL course before the course starts. Working experience in NATO or in partnership programmes is not required.

4. Course Dates

NATO IMPC 26-30 November 2020

5. Course Fee

No course fee

6. How to apply

The official invitation for IMPC 2020 will be fortcoming. For those interested in attending this NATO course, please contact Lt Col Angel Santiago [email protected] or Lt Col Robert Piekarniak [email protected]