FINCENT as a NATO military contribution to peace support training coordinator

The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT will be coordinating the military contribution to peace support training of several education and training centres and the quality requirements of the training.

The North Atlantic Council accepted the Strategic Training Plan for the Military Contribution to Peace Support (MC2PS) education and training of its partnership countries on 21 December 2015. According to the strategy, FINCENT is to coordinate the MC2PS training offered by other education and training centres so that their curricula and syllabi correspond to NATO's needs and requirements.

The coordinating task aims for comprehensive crisis management and it includes a duty to cooperate with the United Nations and the European Union as well as with other organisations engaged in comprehensive crisis management.

NATO's training and education developed

NATO has renewed its training arrangements and has actively developed its partnerships since its Lisbon Summit in 2010. Initiatives from the most recent summits, such as the Connected Forces Initiative (Chicago 2012) and the Partner Interoperability Initiative (Wales 2014) have established a foundation for the systematic development of partnerships. The initiatives enhance NATO's capability to respond more efficiently and quicker to the challenges in the security environment together with partners.

NATO's education reform aims for the development of capability and better interoperability between troops taking part in MC2PS operations. NATO is harmonising education and training content, improving cost efficiency, operational effectiveness and getting rid of overlaps between different training sections. NATO is using national centres of excellence to develop its training system and hence appointing Department Heads for the planning and development of different trainings.

The task bestowed upon FINCENT from 2016 onwards supports Finland's partnership cooperation goals. It also creates the possibility to develop comprehensive crisis management. As the Department Head of Military Contribution to Peace Support discipline (training category), we monitor and evaluate the range, execution and practices of MC2PS training on a global scale. By evaluating training, we identify shortfalls in skills, we abide by the requirements set for MC2PS training and we define training solutions and responsibilities. This allows Finland to take advantage of best practices observed elsewhere that can then be applied in the training of Finnish Defence Forces personnel and conscripts. The task allows Finland to influence the content of NATO military exercises.

Finland began preparing for the task with NATO in 2012 and it has been discussed in various national committees and in the Finnish Parliament.