NATO Partnership Logistics Course (Tactical level)

1. Concept and Purpose of NATO PLOC 

The aim of the course is to prepare nationally trained officers heading for a NATO-led Peace Support Operation for logistics procedures at tactical level in order to enable them to be assigned within a multinational battalion/brigade HQ or a logistics unit. 

2. Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:

  • Comprehend the current NATO logistics structure and procedures in NATO-led PSOs.
  • Comprehend the command and control structure and procedures in a NATO-led PSO.
  • Comprehend the bilateral or multinational agreements guiding or demanding costsharing and the use of logistics units and assets.
  • Describe staffing and basic duties of the G4 section of a Multinational Brigade/Task Force (MNBDE/MNTF) as well as the tasks of the Multinational Logistics Detachment.
  • Define the deployment planning of a battalion-sized stand-by-force including the establishment of logistics procedures. 

3. Student Criteria 

To be eligible to attend the course, nominees must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Nationally trained staff officers or civilian equivalents in ranks of OF-1 (LT) to OF-3 (MAJ).
  • Students have to fulfil at least the following language proficiency standards in English, as described in STANAG 6001: Listening (2), Speaking (2), Reading (2), and Writing (2). Language testing is a national responsibility. No additional training or translation will be provided.
  • Have basic computer skills.
  • No previous experience of PSOs is required. The course is ideal for students with no experience of PSOs. 

4. Course Dates

NATO Partnership LOC (FIN1134.23) 26 November  – 7 December 2018 (updated!)

5. Course Fee


6. How to apply

The application link  for NATO PLOC is open from 25th of June to 17th of September. The link to the application form will be found here later in June.