Integrated Crisis Management (ICM)

1. Concept and Purpose of ICM

The aim of the course is to enhance the participants' knowledge and understanding of the integrated approach in peace operations, as well as to enhance collaboration and coordination among the different actors, namely military, civilian and police components, as well as humanitarian and development actors.

The course is conducted within the framework of the Centre of Expertise in Comprehensive Crisis Management (CMC Finland and FINCENT) and in collaboration with the Police College of Finland.

2. Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:

explain the dynamics and root causes of conflicts

discuss the organisation of modern multidimensional integrated UN missions

explain the functions of the mission components and the UN Country Team

debate the UN integrated approach

employ means of collaboration and coordination between different actors aiming for better information sharing and coordinated action

recall the AU's approach to peacekeeping

have an overview of EU, NATO and OSCE approaches

3. Student Criteria

To be eligible to attend the course, nominees must fulfil the following criteria:

Participants should be preferably senior level experts, civilian, military or police, who work in areas related to peace operations/crisis management (e.g. in ministries), or work currently in a mission area or be prospective participants in the future operations or missions.

Basic knowledge of peace operations is a pre-requisite either through previous experience or through more thorough pre-course tasks and studies.

Language proficiency: good comprehension of English.

4. Course Dates

ICM (FIN.2733.3.) 8 - 14 June 2019

5. Course Fee

700 € (not required from CMC's and FINCENT's roster members)

6. How to apply

The online application form to ICM can be found here: 

The application period will end 26 April 2019.