European Union Integrated Crisis Management Course

1. Concept and Purpose of EUICM

The general objective of the course is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the EU’s Integrated Approach on crisis management within the EU framework, as well as to increase information sharing, collaboration and cooperation among the different actors, namely military, civilian crisis management, humanitarian and development aid actors in the wider context of CFSP/CSDP.

The course is conducted in cooperation with Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) within the framework of the Centre of Expertise in Comprehensive Crisis Management. 

2. Learning Objectives


  • List the elements of the EU integrated approach to external conflict and crisis.
  • Describe the main strategies, policies and actors in the field of EU Crisis Management.
  • Explain the key principles guiding EU approach to crisis response and organise them in his/her respective area of competence.
  • Explain the relevance of cooperation and networking with the various actors in the field.


  • Draft possible responses to crisis situations and planning complex interventions in high risk environments by defining the right mix of policies, instruments and tools to achieve the EU’s strategic objectives.
  • Pursue more effectively integrated action through cooperative problem-solving and teamwork.
  • Create an accurate picture of the institutional set-up of the EU and the relevant operating procedures


  • Analyse and formulate independent and well-informed opinions on EU integrated approach.
  • Demonstrate the concept of EU comprehensive approach and action plan.

3. Student Criteria

Participants should preferably be senior level experts (civilians or civil administration and military personnel) that work in areas related to crisis management in the wider context of CFSP/CSDP, or work currently in a crisis area or can be prospective participants in the future EU missions or operations. Priority is given to the personnel from EU Member States being deployed to CSDP Missions and Operations.

4. Course Dates

 6 – 11 September 2020

5. Course Fee

No course fee.

6. How to apply

The link to the online application will be added here later.