Our courses

United Nations Courses
UNMEM - NORDEFCO United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course
UNCPOC - NORDEFCO United Nations Comprehensive Protection of Civilians Course

European Union Courses
ESDC on SSR - European Security and Defence College Core Course on Security Sector Reform 
EUICMC  - European Union Integrated Crisis Management Course

NATO Courses
LOC - NATO/Partnership Logistics Course
OCC E&F DTC - Operational Capabilities Concept Database Training
S5-54-A COPC - NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Course
NATO IMPC - Introduction to the NATO MIlitary Partnerships Course

General Courses

NATO - UN POC - Approaches to the Protection of Civilians Course in NATO and UN Peace Operations
IPC - Integrated Peace Operations Course
PSOCC - Peace Support Operations Cooperation Course (Tactical level)
SAFOC - NORDEFCO Safety Officer Course

Tailored Courses and Seminars

Distance Learning

How to apply

The general instructions for application are below. Please see also course specific requirements, instructions and possible exceptions from each course's own page.

Fill out a course specific electronic application form. A link to the application form will be found at each course's own page.

Please note that FINCENT does not process applications sent by individuals: all applications must be authorized by the point of contact in the applicant's home nation HQ or equivalent.

Confirmation of admission will be sent in due time before the course.

Course seats have been allocated in advance between the NORDEFCO countries. Please, contact your own HQ and/or national POC for further information.

Based on manning lists, reservists are called annually by the Pori Brigade and regular soldiers by the Army HQ.

More information

If you need any additional information about our courses, please contact us by email: [email protected]