FINCENT to become a NATO crisis management training coordinator

Defence Forces International Centre FINCENTNational Defence University 11.1.2016 9.20
Press release

The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) has been named crisis management training coordinator for NATO and partnership countries from 2016 onwards.

From the beginning of 2016, FINCENT will be coordinating the crisis management training of various education and training centres so that their curricula and course selections correspond to NATO requirements. The aim is to share best practices, to harmonise requirement levels and to identify shortfalls in training. The coordinating task is based on the principle of comprehensive crisis management.

It includes a duty to cooperate with the UN and EU as well as other organisations engaging in comprehensive crisis management. The UN and EU follow NATO standards in crisis management.

NATO has been developing its training system since its Lisbon Summit in 2010. The North Atlantic Committee (NAC) adopted the strategic plan for the crisis management education and training of its partnership countries on 22 December 2015; FINCENT now coordinates one of NATO's 29 areas of education and training.

For the Finnish Defence Forces, this is an opportunity to follow and influence crisis management training on a global scale. In the process, Finland also acquires information and best practices that can be used to support its national defence. The task is a sign of recognition that Finland has specialist knowledge in crisis management education and training.

The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT is the world's first crisis management education and training centre. FINCENT has been training peacekeepers from different countries since 1969.