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National Codification Bureau Finland

The National Codification Bureau Finland (NCB FIN) is the national agency in charge of codification of the Finnish Defence Forces’ materiel.

NCB FIN controls the national implementation of the NATO Codification System (NCS) and provides codification training to Defence Forces’ and client companies’ personnel as required. NCB FIN’s tasks in materiel codification include codifying new items, maintenance of these codifications and, if need be, removal of obsolete codification from the system. Finland is on Tier 2 level in the NCS, which is the highest level of participation for non-NATO countries.


NCB FIN’s mission is to manage the Finnish Codification System in accordance with the NCS and its rules and regulations established by the National Directors on Codification Allied Committee 135 (AC/135).

The management involves identification and codification of items of supply produced by Finnish manufacturers that are used by military services in NATO countries and/or sponsored non-NATO countries. In addition, NCB FIN is tasked with maintaining a Total Item Record (TIR) for the NCS that stores identification data for each of these items of supply.