Hamina Tattoo Military Music Festival

The international military music festival Hamina Tattoo will be held 30 July- 4 August 2018 in Hamina. The theme of the tattoo is The Finnish Defence Forces 100 Years. All of the Finnish military bands will perform at the festival. In addition to military music, you can take a look at the Defence Forces' equipment on display at the Finnish Defence Forces 100 Years exhibition area.

Hamina Tattoo has established itself as a large, week-long international military music event that is held every two years. In 2018 the official representatives of theirs countries in Hamina are the Military Band of H.M Royal Marechaussee from the Netherlands,the Band of His Majesty’s King’s Guard from Norway, the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines from the United Kingdom, the Quantico Marine Corps Band from the United States, the Representative Band of The Ministry of Defence from Russia, Heeresmusikkorps Kassel from Germany and from South Korea the Traditional Army Band. Additionally, all of the Finnish military bands will perform at the festival. The bands are: the Guards Band, the Navy Band, the Air Force Band, the Dragoon Band, the Lapland Military Band and the Conscript Band of the Defence Forces.

Take a look at the Defence Forces' equipment on display at the exhibition area 1-4 August

The exhibition area in front of the Reserve Officer School main building has Army and Air Force equipment and kit on display. The official opening of the exhibition area is on Thursday 2 August at 16.30. The main building has an Air Force Hornet simulator inside, as well as a history exhibition and a Regional Office information desk.

On Wednesday 1 August, the area will host an instrument auction from 12 to 14.00 and from 16-18.00 that auctions off the military bands’ surplus instruments and instrument supplies.

In Tervasaari you can visit the Finnish Navy's Fast Attack Craft Hamina 2-4 August, between 12-18.

The Defence Forces’ military bands on stage Thursday through Saturday

Thursday 2 August at 16.30 the Navy Band
Friday 3 August at 12.30 the Dragoon Band and at 17.30 the Air Force Band
Saturday 4 August at 12.00 the Conscript Band of the Defence Forces and at 16.30 the Lapland Military Band

The event is free of charge. There will also be a Soldiers’ Home cafeteria sales point there.

More information about Hamina Tattoo: https://www.hamina.fi/tattoo