Finnish Defence Forces - 100 years in war and peace

The Military Museum collects and stores objects and images relating to Finland's military and weapon history and to the different stages of the Defence Forces and displays them to the public in its exhibitions. The Military Museum's exhibitions have more than 80,000 visitors every year, and its image, collection and information services are used by thousands of other customers.

The Military Museum’s exhibitions are located on the island of Suomenlinna. In the Defence Forces’ 100th Anniversary Year, the Military Museum will open a new exhibition on 9 May 2018. The exhibition, which is located in the Military Museum’s Maneesi and Kuntomaneesi buildings, depicts the wars that have taken place during Finland’s independence, as well as the Defence Forces’ activities from the time after the wars to the present day. The Military Museum’s submarine Vesikko will also be open.

A new publication presenting the 100-year history of the Defence Forces will also appear during the anniversary year.