Field Artillery 100

The 100th anniversary of the Field Artillery of independent Finland and the Artillery School is celebrated in Helsinki on Friday 9 February 2018. There will be an equipment display on the Senate Square from 10:00 to 18:00, with various pieces of artillery on display. The event is free of charge. Welcome!

At the equipment exhibition arranged by the Army, the audience has an opportunity to see for example howitzers, cannons and artillery rocket launchers. The newest addition presented is the 155 mm armoured howitzer K9 Thunder.

World War II era guns are presented by Heritage Association of Heavy Artillery Battalion 1. Additionally, you can see a demonstration of a horse-drawn artillery gun position occupation by the riding club Niinisalon Ratsastajat and the Kankaanpää Region Artillery Association (Kankaanpään Seudun Tykistökilta ry).

The Soldier’s Home organisation will also participate in the event.

The day also includes a wreath laying open to the public at Hietaniemi cemetery starting at 09:00.


09:00 - 09:30 Wreath laying, Hietaniemi cemetery. Wreaths will be laid on the graves of General of the Artillery V.P Nenonen, Marshal Mannerheim and at the Cross of the Heroes.

10:00-18:00 Artillery equipment display, Senate Square.

10:30 and 13:00 Demonstration of a horse-drawn artillery gun position occupation

The events are free of charge - welcome!

Army equipment on display at the Senate Square:

Howitzer 122 H 63
Field cannon 130 K 54
Field cannon 155 K 83-97
Field cannon 155 K 98
Armoured Howitzer 122 PSH 74
Armoured Howitzer K9 Thunder
Light Rocket Launcher 122 RAKH 89
Heavy Rocket Launcher 298 RSRAKH 06
Forward Observation Post Vehicle BMP-1 TJ
Command Post Vehicle MTLBU
Target Acquisition and Observation System
Miniature Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS)
C3 Container M15

You can also follow the events here: @Maavoimat
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