Defence Forces Visitor’s Day

Visitor’s days are hosted in Army, Navy and Air Force units around Finland in the spring of 2018.

The locations include the National Defence University in Santahamina, the Reserve Officer School in Hamina, the Army Academy in Lappeenranta and the Naval Academy in Suomenlinna, as well as the the Centre for Military Medicine in Riihimäki. The theme of the events is "Get to know your military". In the air commands the events are part of the Careers in Military Aviation Day.

For more information on the events and times:

  • 26 April, Pori Brigade, Niinisalo, Kankaanpää
  • 3 May, Kainuu Brigade, Kajaani
  • 3 May, Army Academy, Lappeenranta
  • 4 May, Karelia Brigade, Vekaranjärvi, Kouvola
  • 9 May, Coastal Brigade, Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi
  • 11 May, Shared Service Centre, Joensuu
  • 15 May, Satakunta Air Command, Pirkkala
  • 16 May, Karelia Air Command, Rissala, Siilinjärvi
  • 17 May, Utti Jaeger Regiment, Utti, Kouvola
  • 17 May, Nyland Brigade, Dragsvik, Raasepori
  • 18 May, Reserve Officer School, Hamina
  • 18 May, Lapland Air Command, Rovaniemi
  • 18 May, The Navy Band, Turku
  • 19 May, Centre for Military Medicine, Riihimäki
  • 24 May, Pori Brigade, Säkylä
  • 30 May, Armoured Brigade, Parolannummi, Hattula
  • 2 June, Guard Jaeger Regiment and National Defence University, Santahamina, Helsinki