The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces is General Jarmo Lindberg. Photo the Finnish Defence Forces.

Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces

The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces is General Jarmo Lindberg.

The commander of the Finnish Defence Forces is the chief of defence. The commander decides on the implementation of the Defence Forces' tasks and on the use of their capabilities. He steers the Defence Forces' activities in order for the Defence Forces' to achieve their objectives.

The commander of the FDF takes the strategic decisions on national military defence and commands the activities of the services and the National Defence University. The following generals are directly subordinate to the chief of defence:

  • the Army, Navy and Air Force commanders
  • the chief of the Defence Command
  • the rector of the National Defence University.

In terms of the military chain of command, the commander of the Defence Forces is directly subordinate to the president of the republic. The commander of the FDF answers either to the president of the republic or the Council of State on the execution of FDF-related decisions.

The Defence Command functions as the supreme headquarters of the chief of defence and as the central administrative authority for the defence establishment. The Defence Command prepares all issues ordered by the commander and all matters pertaining to the entire Defence Forces.

The chief of defence is an expert adviser to the Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy in matters concerning the defence of the nation.

General Jarmo Lindberg (b. 1959)

  • Graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1982
  • Officer pilot and flight commander in Karelia Air Command until 1991
  • Chief of pilot training in the Air Force Command 1993–1994
  • Commander of Satakunta Fighter Squadron 1995–1999
  • Chief of Plans and Operations , Air Force Command, 1999–2000
  • Deputy Chief of Staff Air Force Operations, Air Force Command, 2001–2003
  • Deputy Chief of Division, Operations Division, Defence Command, 2004
  • Commander of Lapland Air Command and promotion to Brigadier General, 2005
  • Assistant Chief of Operations (Chief of the Operations Division), Defence Command, 2005–2008
  • Air Force Commander 1JUL2008-29FEB2012
  • Finnish Defence Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Logistics and Armaments 1MAR2012-31JUL2014
  • Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces and promoted to general 1AUG2014