The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command

The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command produces the Defence Forces joint logistics services as well as contributes to the building, maintaining and using of the Defence Forces' capabilities.

The objective of the Logistics Command is to improve the cost-effectiveness of defence logistics, eliminate overlapping functions, standardize logistics-related procedures, and ensure operational readiness also under exceptional conditions.

The Logistics Command supports the Defence Forces' troops according to the same principles in any state of readiness regardless of whether the operating environment is a national or international one.

The Logistics Command's organisation is composed of the Logistics Command Headquarters, Joint Systems Centre, three Logistics Regiments, the Explosives Centre and Centre for Military Medicine, which form the Logistics Command's administrative units. The Logistics School is a battalion-level unit subordinate to the Logistics Command's Headquarters.

In 2018, the Logistics Command's budget is approximately € 1,400 million, of which around 500 million will be used for materiel acquisitions. Salaried personnel number approximately 2,230 in seven different administrative units with operations in 39 localities around Finland.