NATO/Partnership Logistics Course (Tactical level)

1. Concept and Purpose of LOC 

The aim of the course is to prepare nationally trained officers heading for a NATO-led Peace Support Operation for logistics procedures at tactical level in order to enable them to be assigned within a multinational battalion/brigade HQ or a logistics unit. 

2. Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:

  • Comprehend the current NATO logistics structure and procedures in NATO-led PSOs.
  • Comprehend the command and control structure and procedures in a NATO-led PSO.
  • Comprehend the bilateral or multinational agreements guiding or demanding costsharing and the use of logistics units and assets.
  • Describe staffing and basic duties of the G4 section of a Multinational Brigade/Task Force (MNBDE/MNTF) as well as the tasks of the Multinational Logistics Detachment.
  • Define the deployment planning of a battalion-sized stand-by-force including the establishment of logistics procedures. 

3. Student Criteria 

To be eligible to attend the course, nominees must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Nationally trained staff officers or civilian equivalents in ranks of OF-1 (LT) to OF-3 (MAJ).
  • Students have to fulfil at least the following language proficiency standards in English, as described in STANAG 6001: Listening (2), Speaking (2), Reading (2), and Writing (2). Language testing is a national responsibility. No additional training or translation will be provided.
  • Have basic computer skills.
  • No previous experience of PSOs is required. The course is ideal for students with no experience of PSOs. 

4. Course Dates

NATO/Partnership LOC (FIN.1134.21) 20 November – 01 December 2017

5. Course Fee


6. How to apply

Non-Nordic applicants: The application period for NATO PLOC course is now open and will end on 15 September, 2017. The application form can be found on the internet at:

Nordic applicants (NORDEFCO countries): Course seats have been allocated in advance between the NORDEFCO countries. Please, contact your own HQ and/or national POC for further information.

Finnish applicants: Based on manning lists, reservists are called annually by the Pori Brigade and regular soldiers by the Army HQ.