Picture by the Finnish Defence Forces, Helmi Saarela.

Overview of the Finnish Defence Forces' activities

The focus of the Defence Forces is developing its readiness to meet the changes in the security environment.

Territorial integrity was safeguarded through surveillance and intervention in cases of violations. The Defence Forces assisted other authorities over 600 times in 2016. Most of the assistance was disposal of explosives and bombs from World War II. The Defence Forces continued participating in international operations. Over 500 Finnish soldiers served in 14 different crisis management and peacekeeping operations around the world in 2016.

Readiness is maintained according to requirements set by the security environment. The preparations for the Finnish Defence Forces strategic capability projects, the Navy’s Squadron 2020 and the Air Force’s new fighter aircraft, continue. National defence is supported with bilateral and multinational defence cooperation, which includes participation in international exercises. Finland continues to participate in military crisis management operations. The Government Report on Defence will set the framework for the use and maintenance of Finnish defence capabilities and the development of the Finnish Defence Forces for the next decade.

Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces,

General Jarmo Lindberg