Picture by the Finnish Defence Forces, Helmi Saarela.

From Government Reports to the Future

2015 was a year of restoring former activity levels for the Finnish Defence Forces. The number flight hours and vessel days were returned to the level that they were at before the Defence Forces Reform. The number of field exercise days for conscripts was increased and 18,000 reservists were called in for refresher exercises. The operating models created in the Defence Forces Reform were taken into use, which ensured that the functions of the Defence Forces remain balanced.

As stated in the Government Programme a new Government Report on Security and Defence Policy will be drafted in 2016. The effects of possible NATO membership will be evaluated in conjunction with the drafting of the report. Additionally, a Defence White Paper will be drafted. The White Paper will define the guidelines for maintaining, developing and using defence capabilities. At its best the White Paper provides a clear direction for developing defence as a part of Finnish comprehensive security and safety far into the next decade.

Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces,

General Jarmo Lindberg