NATO's Partnership for Peace programme

The Defence Forces participate in NATO's Partnership for Peace programme. Finland cooperates with NATO within the framework of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the bilateral Partnership for Peace programme. Finland joined the programme in 1994.

Interoperability has been fine-tuned through this partnership. The aim of NATO's Partnership for Peace programme is to develop partner nation's forces in such a way that they can take part in peacekeeping tasks alongside NATO member state forces.

The Partnership for Peace programme (PfP) in practice

In practice, for the Defence Forces, PfP activities mean taking part in various training events and seminars and organising joint peacekeeping exercises. Annually, some 800 Finns participate in 250 PfP events.

NATO's planning and evaluation processes help to develop the interoperability and capabilities of partner nations. The goals for developing interoperability are chosen during the planning phase. The goals have to do with language ability, logistics, and command and control communication systems, among others.