Explosives Notified Body of Finland

The Explosives Notified Body (ENB) works as a third party independent body between the manufacturers and their clients testing and studying that the products are safe to use and can be awarded by the CE-marking. The function of the ENB is based on the directive 93/15/EEC. The body operates in conjunction with Energetic and CBRN Technology Division of Finnish Defence Research Agency. The qualifications of the body are High explosives, Safety fuses, Detonating cords and Commercial gun propellants.

Explosives Notified Body of Finland has ceased its activities on 20th of April 2016.

The Finnish Defence Research Agency (FDRA) Explosives Notified Body in Finland has been established 18th of May 1999.

The activities are based on the procedures according to the EC directive 93/15/EEC of 5th April 1993. The directive applies in the European Union and the EFTA-countries. It states that all the commercial explosives placed on the market in the European economic area must be CE-marked by the beginning of 2003. In order that the explosives can be CE-marked, they must comply with the Essential Safety Requirements as defined by the directive.

The Explosives Notified Body has the duty to assess explosives for civil use that they fulfil the Essential Safety Requirements of the directive. Furthermore, a Notified Body chosen by the manufacturer must perform examinations of the product at random intervals.

Assessment and certification procedure

The Explosives Notified Body in Finland is qualified to assess:

  • commercial blasting and high explosives
  • detonating cords and safety fuses
  • commercial gun and rocket propellants

The assessment procedures followed by the ENB are described as different modules in the directive 93/15/EEC. The modules can be divided into two groups:

(1) EU conformity to Type according to Module B

The objective of the conformity assessment is to ensure that the type of explosive being tested meets the Essential Safety Requirements of Appendix 1 of the directive 93/15/EEC and it is safe to use. The EC type-examination contains both the testing of the technical properties of the product and the inspection of the technical documents.
Following a successful assessment, a CE-mark can be affixed to the products.

(2) Production Process Assessment according to Modules C-G

The objective of the production process assessment is to ensure that the manufacturer produces a product that is consistent with the type of explosive as described in the declaration of conformity. The ENB is responsible for the assessment of the production process and its quality assurance system.

Other Notified Bodies

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